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  1. Great article and I think timestamping content should be part of structured data but what source will be trusted? I think Google will most likely bring out its own blockchain for that … Beside that if content is published and you submit it in your sitemap is that not already a time stamp Google uses?

    1. It is, but in fact that means: owning your own database. You can always temper with it. Adding blockchain to the table, makes that practically impossible.

  2. Right to be forgotten.
    Legally in Europe and many other jurisdictions, you have the right to be forgotten, so when you timestamp data, you also need to have the ability to erase your timestamp. For social, factual, privacy, branding and many other reasons, it is also important to be able to erase. Blockchain provides the publisher with the keys. Europechain provides a smart contract to implement the right to be forgotten.

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